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Easter Sunday (top-bottom)

  1. Harlem 1947 by Henri Cartier Bresson
  2. Harlem 1947 by Henri Cartier Bresson
  3. Harlem 1943 by Weegee
  4. South Side, Chicago 1941 by Russell Lee
  5. South Side, Chicago 1941 by Russell Lee
  6. Harlem 1947 by Henri Cartier Bresson
  7. South Side, Chicago,. 1941 by Edwin Rosskam
  8. Harlem 1940 by Weegee
  9. Harlem 1955 by William Klein
  10. Harlem (W. 117th St. and Seventh Ave) 1939

For a hot second I thought the lady on the second pic was Rihanna.



Rio Ridiculous workshop @iammistersoul @elotwins

Larry’s ig

The guy in red upfront is hype as fuck :)

^^^ He’s my favorite part of this video

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Look at how cute Regi is! And his Mum looks so young and beautiful!


Easter Camp At Kayzar Studios - Reginal Criminalz

by Kayzar Dance TV

Criminalz Crew will be present in UK for EASTER CAMP 2014 !

More infos on www.kayzardance.com

UK be ready !



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Auckland, New Zealand


Auckland, New Zealand

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London workshop - Larry’s routines

Les Twins London Workshop 16th April 2014 / Laurent Class 2 Choreo (2) →


Don’t miss the comedy-gold, in this video, that is Laurent teaching his section of the class at their London workshop.

Bonus at the end:  This is a view from the other side when Laurent has to boost his power with Larry and Reginal.

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Les Twins London Workshop 16th April 2014 / Les Twins Class 2 Choreo Begins →


More of the funny from Laurent.  (This is a long video—18 minutes.)  I’m only five minutes in, and I’ve had my funny-bone tickled a few times from Laurent’s playful and fun style of teaching:  What he does with/to that little boy; and he (yes, he did!) waves off, and gives a “Whatever,” and a “Thank you, bye” to Larry.  

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Les Twins workshop in London - Laurent's Routine →


I really was desperate to see their choreo so I skipped to 3:51 where the dancing starts lol

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Kreon by Stijn.